About Club Live Tracker


Clublive tracker is a social platform that gives you live and real time updates on clubs, parties and club events around Nigeria.

We update you with pictures and videos of happening clubs and events around Nigeria. 

You get to know what is happening in the club before you even step out of your house. We give real time live updates of club events, DJs playing, Food and drink specials, after party events and club specials in clubs around Nigeria. 

You are also able to book hotels, taxis and other services from the platform.


It is a subsidiary of Veraide Hub(www.veraide.com) owned and managed by Veraide Nigeria Limited.  

We are multi-platform company and more, we provide services and products to solve human needs.

We are driven by innovation, equality and sincerity of purpose with the sole aim of addressing poverty reduction in any space or community we find ourselves, accomplishing any and every objective with and through the ideas, services and tools we have hone and developed over the years.


Our Core Values

At Veraide, our core values are;

  1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Ability to identify problems and collaboratively solve them to create opportunities for everyone.
  2. EMPOWERMENT: At Veraide we are giving a platform to express and opportunity to be empowered and also empower other people.
  3. INNOVATION: We factor in technology importantly to create an impact through incubation centers that develop basic ideas into refined finished products/services.
  4. EQUALITY: The role of equality is very dare to our establishment and company goal.
    All being should be given an opportunity to excel , and that’s essentially what we offer at Veraide .