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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting More Traffic with Twitter buy business email list

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How to get more traffic with Twitter? How to generate traffic with Twitter? We often think that Twitter is perfect for exploding the popularity of your blog, your business. Imagine…Thousands of people following you…To whom you can send an info or a link in seconds…And who will send your traffic into the stratosphere. Note from Rudy: This article buy business email list a guest article by André Dubois from the website . This is his 4th article on Web marketing Conseil and I am delighted to welcome him back. If you are an expert in marketing, you can submit your buy business email list by contacting me on the dedicated page. Before starting your tutorial, get my Roadmap , consult the Traffic & Customers Program and download free guides and tips to create traffic, generate leads and attract customers.

Honestly, how many visitors do you have through your Twitter account? 5, 50? Crumbs. Of the thousands of people who follow you, how many click on the link in your tweets? How many bloggers rush to publish their content on Twitter and only get a buy business email list unfortunate clicks? twitter traffic It's reality. In general, very few of your followers click… And I'll be honest, that's not even the worst! The worst part is that the more followers you have, the lower the engagement. If you have less than 1,000 followers, 5-6% of people will click on the links you send. If you have more than 10,000 followers, less than 0.5% of people will. Do you see the drama? If you have 1000 followers and 6% clicks, that's 60 visitors. If you have 10,000 followers and 0.5% clicks, that's 50 visitors. How sad: your tweets buy business email list diluted in the ocean of people who follow you. A bit like a sugar cube in a basin of water. It's not that your content sucks or that people don't care what you say. The reason is much, much simpler. When you tweet, you are using the snapshot's social network.

A tweet interrupts people in what they are doing. No one stays glued to their Twitter feed waiting for messages to drop. No. That's not how it works. In fact, it works exactly the other way round: Your tweet drops, people stop what they're doing, look buy business email list your post and think they don't have time for it. This is why very few people click on your messages. The tweet is intrusive. It's a text. People don't give Twitter time. It is fundamental to understand this. Let's make a comparison with emailing: When you carry out your emailing campaign, your audience is in a different mood. People log in to their mailbox. They set aside time to process their messages. This is why emailing works so well. Because at that time, people are open to receiving information. They know they're going to buy business email list to concentrate. Your message arrives between an EDF bill and the reminder of Tata Jacqueline's birthday. Your audience is focused on important messages, tasks to be accomplished. So your email containing a link to an article will interest them… And you can have click-through rates well above 20%.


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