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Who is the Most Dangerous Batsman in the World in T20 Cricket?

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Chris Gayle is a famous cricket legend with another title 'Universe Boss' and undoubtedly the most dangerous batsman in the world. His ability to hit the biggest sixes at will terrorize all bowlers in International cricket as well as the major leagues in the world. In his only T20 career, Chris Gayle scored a tremendous 14,562 runs in 463 matches, with an enormous and out of the ground 1,056 sixes.

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As of now, the title of the "Most Dangerous Batsman in T20 Cricket" often shifts with players' current form and performance trends. Players like Jos Buttler, Virat Kohli, and Babar Azam are among those frequently mentioned due to their consistent scoring ability and aggressive batting style in T20 matches. And If you're a cricket enthusiasts and  looking for the latest updates and insights on cricket, Touchcric is your ultimate destination. They provide comprehensive coverage and analysis of cricket news, matches, and players around the world.


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