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Steelers Sign an Absolute Dogg of a Wide Receiver

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PITTSBURGH-- Satisfied April Fools Day! The Pittsburgh Steelers never seem to stop working on the joke-loving holiday, and this year, they got us again. With a fast and simple social networks post, the Steelers had every person - including myself - hurrying to review the information. As a journalist who covers the group , seeing a finalizing of a brand-new vast receiver had me turn up from my sofa, trot over to my laptop, click on the web link - as well as laugh. Go on. Click on it. The Steelers obtained a Dogg. Don't obtain me wrong; there would certainly be no better storage locker space in football. For a person that still drives down the street with The Doggfather on full blast, as well as is weding an instructor that makes use of Doggyland to enlighten her students, this would certainly be as excellent of a signing as it obtains. But, as I do apparently each year Jack Ham Jersey, I'll keep on fantasizing that one day, Snoop Dogg will get up three decades more youthful as well as prepared to toss on the black as well as gold. Great one, Steelers media department. Make certain you bookmark All Steelers for the newest information, unique interviews, movie failures therefore much more! 

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