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Structure of an essay

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In any written performance, structure, clear sentence structure and logical organization are important.

An essay usually consists of the following parts.


In this part, you need to state the problem, clearly articulating it, and the degree of its relevance.

Main part

Here you express your opinion, highlight several arguments, reasoning, supporting your point of view in detail with evidence (from statistics, your own experience, etc.).

Is mymathgenius legit? You should also state that there is an opposing point of view and explain why you do not agree with it.


The conclusion should be formulated in accordance with the problem expressed, it should contain the point of view that you hold, the main idea that you came to in the process of reasoning.

How do I begin to write my essay?

  • Make an outline of the essay by briefly formulating the problem in the introductory part, highlighting several arguments "FOR" and "AGAINST" in the main part, and a brief conclusion;
  • think through what arguments you can make for your arguments;
  • now expand each of your thoughts, add descriptive elements to your sentences, add reasoning;
  • add phrases characteristic of an essay;
  • check literacy (spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure of writing, logic, how fully the communicative task is accomplished).

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If you know the principles and techniques of a new field, your writing will probably be much more polished than if you only know the basics. You’ll probably also be more confident about expressing yourself in a non-linear fashion. If you are new to a field, it may require that you start from scratch. This isn’t something to mourn; it’s something to plan for and take advantage of.
The first few times you write an essay, it is entirely possible that the essay will not be as good as what you are used to writing in your favorite field. But this just takes time; at some point, things might change and your old skills will come back. What Are Dental Therapists?
In any case, here’s a good rule of thumb: if you can write at all — or if it is just possible — we suggest that you start with your outline before starting with the actual essay proper (called "synthesis" in this context). This gives you better control over the whole thing and allows you to concentrate on making sure each part of the essay is coherent; makes sure your arguments are supported by evidence; and allows you to make sure what parts need to be rewritten or rethought ("rewriting" or "reworking") when necessary.
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It may be a completely different decision than you’ve made before.
There are several options:
1. A book, with a chapter or two per page.
2. A lengthy essay, which takes time to write and won’t be as easy to read as a book (or will require more time and effort).
3. A short essay, with the intent of sending it out as a PDF or email attachment (so it can be read on an iPad or computer).
4. An article that documents the steps involved in the process of writing an essay (something like this one).
You may want to write one of these essays for yourself, or for your company; either way you’ll need to think about what kind of experience you want your reader to have with it first. But if you do end up writing one yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing! This is not analysis; this is an activity — something that requires sustained concentration and attention on its own — so don’t expect your student-grade writing skills to help you much here!
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There are a few ways in which you can start writing your essay. The most common is to use an open-book review, where you write a section of the essay while taking notes during a lecture. I’m not going to cover this here, but look at:
• How to Write Your College Writing Assessment Checklist
• How to Write Your Research Paper Tablets
• How to Write Your Term Paper
The other way is simply by reading and re-reading. There are many books available in this area and I find it is helpful to have them handy at all times, whether you’re looking for help with your term paper or just want some background information related to your topic. I also find that some of the books I read are best suited for one medium (e.g., fiction vs non-fiction) or another (e.g., short story vs novel). In any case, if you aren’t sure which book would be best for you, 
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