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On November 9, EA Sports added a new set of team building challenges (SBC) to the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for Mid Icon Miroslav Klose. Players can get this item through the SBC menu in the game. If the player gets the Icon card, it will establish close ties with legendary players from all over the world. But this card requires players to spend a lot of FUT 22 Coins. If players urgently need a large amount of FIFA 22 Coins, they can visit UTnice to purchase.

UTnice is an online store with a large number of FIFA 22 Coins. They not only provide FIFA 22 Coins that are cheaper than the market price, but their 100% secure transaction system can ensure that all transactions are safe and legal. In order to let players enjoy more discounts, UTnice staff pays attention to the product market around the clock to ensure that you can Buy FIFA 22 Coins at a low price. In addition, delivery speed is one of UTnice's important advantages. Their professional team can ensure that you receive your purchased products as soon as possible after payment. Have a try!


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