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Dried Fennel Seeds - Best Uses | United Spicefruit

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Dried fennel has been used historically as a carminative. It could assist in clearing the stomach of stored gas, which would relieve bloating. Fennel water may also help babies with gas and flatulence. The release of digestive secretions required for proper digestion and meal absorption may be encouraged by fennel seeds. Because fennel extract protects against stomach injury, it may be utilized. However, if you have gastrointestinal issues, you should contact your healthcare professional.

According to an animal research, fennel seed oil may prevent liver damage and have hepatoprotective (liver-protective) effects. Fennel seed oil used orally may help lower the amounts of enzymes linked to liver damage. Saunf is thus beneficial to the liver. To support the use of fennel for liver issues in people, additional research is necessary. Therefore, if you have any liver issues, you should listen to your doctor's recommendations.

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Dried Fennel Seeds are useful for our health, we can use them in salad, in sweets for taste, in fish dishes or stews. From this post, we can come to know its benefits after reading this post.

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