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Get High-Quality Representation for Civil, Criminal, Personal Injury, and Family Law Cases

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Shane Hinch is a Lake Charles DWI lawyer who helps clients in resolving legal challenges. At Hinch & Associates PLC, our 16 years of experience have seen us handle criminal defense, civil litigation, family law, personal injury, and professional discipline cases. We serve individuals and families throughout the Lake Charles metropolitan area.


With an acute knowledge of how the law works and how civil, criminal, and family courts operate, we understand how each situation can affect you legally. Our Lake Charles DWI lawyers strive to protect your best interests and achieve an optimal outcome – regardless of whether you’re navigating a divorce, have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, or have been accused of a criminal charge.


Why Choose Hinch & Associates PLC?

Our personalized legal counsel and representation means that each client gets concierge services at our law firm. Our Lake Charles DWI lawyers are highly sought-after because:


●    Experience

We have 16 years of combined experience in various legal fields.


●    Personalized Attention

Our experienced Lake Charles DWI lawyers provide personalized attention to each client. No junior attorneys or paralegals.


●    Collaborative Approach

Our diversely qualified attorneys work as a team to achieve the best outcome in your case.


●    Flexible Consultations

We’re available on weekends and after hours for appointments.


Schedule an Appointment

Whether you’re going through a family dispute or a criminal case, schedule an appointment with our Lake Charles DWI lawyers as soon as possible.

Call 337-940-9224 to get in touch.


Business Name:- Hinch and Associates PLC

Address:- 1400 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601

Phone:- (337)-940-9224


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