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Stay in Control with Computer Lab Software Management

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Software monitoring is essential for higher education institutions to optimize spending on software and enhance student experience.


With the emergence of remote learning, universities can no longer rely on simply installing software in their computer labs. They need to adapt to change quickly to align themselves with the changing technological scenario.


LabStats is a leading computer lab software management tool that is helping hundreds of universities reduce unused software and focus on applications that their students need the most.


Our computer lab software management tool allows you to:


●    Access to Software Usage Data

Software usage from LabStats gives you a list of application names and the number of times they've been launched, from which station they've been launched, the total number of users, average and focus times, and more. Such a wide range of data enables IT leaders to better understand how software is being used by students across campus.


●    Improve Software Discoverability

Universities provide software to students but often don't provide the means to access this software. LabStats improves software discoverability by publishing a live map of priority software on digital signages or your school's website, directing students to software via an app, and helping students connect to remote systems.


●    Strategically Reduce Software

Universities and colleges waste thousands of dollars on software that isn't used by students. With LabStats, you can compare software installed versus software used, identify where each software is used, and set up alerts for better computer lab software management.


LabStats helps you to adapt to fluctuating budgets and changing student needs. Call 208-473-2222 or send an email to to schedule a walkthrough today.


Business Name:- LabStats

Address:- 255 B Street, Third Floor, 255 B St #201, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone:- 208–473–2222


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