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Trustworthy Lake Charles DWI Lawyer

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Hinch and Associates PLC
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Hinch & Associates PLC is a dedicated law firm in Lake Charles providing high-quality guidance and representation to individuals and families embroiled in legal disputes. Our client-focused Lake Charles DWI lawyers have vast experience in civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and personal injury claims.


Our decades of combined experience have seen us helping individuals going through a contentious divorce, victims of personal injury, those charged with criminal offenses or undergoing an investigation, and professionals whose license has been revoked or suspended.


Our lead attorney, Mr. Shane Hinch has 16 years of experience in all of the above legal areas and can help you achieve optimal outcomes. Our legal practice revolves around the best interests of our clients.


What Makes Us the Number 1 Boutique Law Firm?

Our Lake Charles DWI lawyers are highly rated by past clients and peers due to the exceptional legal services we provide. Some core benefits of hiring our law firm include:


●    No Fee Unless We Win

We offer a contingency fee model for personal injury clients, which means that we don't charge any fee unless we win your case.


●    Bespoke Legal Solutions

Our Lake Charles DWI lawyers understand your concerns and goals to devise a tailored legal plan specific to your situation.


●    Flexible Consultations

We provide in-person, video, and mobile consultations, and are also available after working hours and on weekends.


●    Collaborative Approach

Our civil, criminal, and family law attorneys work together to provide the complete spectrum of legal solutions.


●     Experience

We have 16 years of combined experience in civil, criminal, family, personal injury, and professional discipline cases.


Schedule a No-obligation Consultation

Take benefit of our 360° expertise and get winning legal solutions for your case.


Call 337-940-9224 to schedule an initial consultation with our Lake Charles DWI lawyer.


Business Name:- Hinch and Associates PLC

Address:- 1400 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601

Phone:- (337)-940-9224


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